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When you decide to establish care with Northwest Concierge Medicine, Dr. McGrew will provide you with her personal cell phone number and e-mail address. Prior to your first appointment, Dr. McGrew will review your past medical records. We reserve two hours for your first visit. During your first visit, which can be done at our clinic, your home or your office, you will have the opportunity to discuss your past medical history, current medical issues, concerns, values and goals. For patients for whom a clinic visit is convenient, the second visit is generally done in our private office. Our appointments run on time so, although we have a waiting area, you will be escorted immediately into an exam room. This appointment is generally reserved for a physical exam, EKG, labs and other office-based primary care testing as indicated. After the exam and diagnostics, Dr. McGrew will collaborate with you to customize a medical plan that addresses active medical concerns as well as prevention. Subsequent encounters can be in the clinic, your home, your office, by phone, by video-conferencing or by e-mail as appropriate.

For a more expedited encounter, please fill out the New Patient Form to e-mail to us before your visit. Have questions? Use the form on the Contact Page to get in touch.