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Dr. Gabrielle McGrew

Dr. Gabrielle McGrew is dedicated and faithful in her mission to ensure your health. During her tenure with the Visiting Nurse Association beginning in 1993, she learned about a deeper kind of healthcare that involved more than seeing an endless line of anonymous patients in a hospital. Instead, she was able to form deep relationships with individual patients by meeting their families, sharing their meals and caring for their basic needs.

This has informed all of the fiduciary responsibilities that guide her behavior (acting in the best interest of her patients), as well as the healthcare decisions she makes with her patients as PEOPLE first. She does healthcare the right way the first time by slowing down, understanding everything about each patient’s physical condition, and coming up with totally personalized recommendations.

Dr. McGrew’s insatiable appetite for knowledge means that she spends most of her time in between patients attending conferences and continuing education courses. This ensures the medical attention she provides is second-to-none, informed by the most innovative and powerful evidence-based treatment options available to the medical community.

Dr. McGrew has always valued good health and the beauty of nature, having grown up between the beach and the forest in Santa Cruz, California. When she visited the Pacific Northwest for the first time, it was love at first sight. She now lives with her husband and three children in Portland, Oregon. When she’s not practicing medicine, her favorite activities include yoga, vegetarian cooking, gardening, crafts, hiking, biking and snowboarding with her family and friends.

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